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Research posts 20-Million-Year-Old Skull Reveals Anthropoid Primate Brains Evolved More Than Once The rare fossil skull of the ancient primate Chilecebus has scientists rethinking the evolution of anthropoid brains. August 21, 2019 On Exhibit posts Using Shark-Teeth Tools to Track Changes in Biodiversity Museum researchers looked to centuries-old weapons to understand how shark populations in the Pacific have changed over time. July 31, 2019 Research posts Parasitic Flies Reveal Insights About Bahamian Bats Researchers gleaned genetic information from the buffy flower bat and its parasites to learn more about Caribbean bats. July 29, 2019 On Exhibit posts A Guide to Visualizing the Universe in the Hayden Planetarium The Hayden Planetarium’s instruments offer incredible views of stars, planets, and more. July 19, 2019 News Posts The Scientific Legacy of the Apollo 11 Mission Learn how samples from NASA’s first successful manned mission to the Moon continue to shape our understanding of the universe. July 8, 2019 Research posts Large Sea Snakes, Giant Catfish Once Swam in the Sahara Research has shown that the Sahara Desert, once under water, was home to gigantic aquatic animals 50–100 million years ago. July 8, 2019 News Posts This Month at the Museum Don’t miss Manhattanhenge, SpaceFest, a new take on Moby-Dick, under the whale—all this month at the Museum. July 1, 2019 News Posts Spend your Fourth of July Weekend at the American Museum of Natural History What are you up to this holiday weekend? The Museum is open, with exhibitions, a giant-screen film, Space Show, and more. June 28, 2019 Research posts New Research Upends Relationships Among Sloth Species Two new molecular studies yield surprising results that challenge longstanding views based on anatomy. June 27, 2019 Research posts Sea Anemones Evolved to Host Clownfish Three Times in History Clownfishes and sea anemones help each other survive, but researchers know much less about the evolution of anemones. June 26, 2019 Podcasts Podcast: SciCafe–The Future of Our Oceans with Jeremy Jackson How can our oceans recover from the decades of damage inflicted by human activity? June 20, 2019 On Exhibit posts What Fossils Reveal About T. rex Hunting Habits Researchers look to bite and scratch marks on fossilized bones to find out how T. rex hunted. June 14, 2019
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