Getting an Inside View
Cultural anthropologists try to see things through the eyes of the people they're studying. To get a real insider's view, they do fieldwork. They go to the places where people live.

But before they go, cultural anthropologists spend years preparing. They want to understand what it would be like to be part of the culture. They read all about the history and customs of the people. They also learn to speak their language.

When they get there, anthropologists usually spend more than a year with the people they study. And they might go back many times over several decades. They live with the people. They observe what people do and how they live and ask lots of questions. They take photos, films, and audio recordings. Along the way, they record their observations and interviews in field journals and computers.

Fieldwork is only part of their job. After the trip, they analyze what they learned and write about it to share with others.

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