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Humans Change Over Time
Biological anthropologists study how humans and their ancestors have evolved — or changed over time. They also study how humans behave and interact with their environment. They ask questions like: How did early humans hunt and search for food? When did humans first settle in the Americas?

To find out, some biological anthropologists examine fossil remains of humans that lived tens or hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago. Others may find clues by studying our closest relatives living today. They look at how other primates, such as apes, monkeys, and lemurs, behave in their habitats.

Biological anthropologists are also interested in variations within our species, like our body types, facial features, and skin colors. As humans spread across every continent over thousands of years, minor differences developed between people living in different places.

Sometimes, biological anthropologists are called in to help the police solve crimes. They examine a victim's remains to look for clues about the person's identity and how he or she lived and died.

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