We Need to Take Care of the Water Planet
Top: The water leavinga wetland is cleaner than the water entering. Bottom: Most tap water is just as safe and clean as bottled water!

Water is precious. We can't get more. How do we make sure there is enough clean, fresh water to share with all living things?

Remember that every drop we use—or waste—continues through the water cycle. Stuff we put down the drain ends up in someone—or something—else's water. Chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides pollute lakes and oceans, harming the organisms that live in them.

We need to protect swamps and riverbanks. These wetlands clean water naturally, and provide important habitat for many wild birds, fish, and other species. People are working to restore damaged or lost wetlands.

We can use water more wisely. For example, it takes a lot of energy to produce bottled water, and not everyone recycles the plastic bottles. We can use less, too, in simple ways like drinking tap water and turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth.

Together, we can protect fresh water now and for the future.