Inca Investigation Map of Peru with artifacts
Craig MorrisHi, I'm Craig Morris. One of the most amazing places I've excavated as an archaeologist is the ancient Inca city of Huanuco Pampa. It's located high up in the Andes mountains in Peru. Today, no one lives there. But 500 years ago, it was a thriving city in the Inca empire. Map of Peru with former Inca empire delineated and artifacts scattered around
How do we know what life was once like in Huánuco Pampa ? Because hundreds of buildings have been preserved, dozens of buildings have been excavated , and more than a million artifacts have been found there.

By looking at the maps we created of the buildings, and examining the artifacts found near them, my team and I figured out what some of the buildings were once used for. I found some of the places where people lived, where they stored food, where they held festivals, and much more.

It's your turn to do archaeology!
Investigate the Inca
map of peru with former inca empire delineated and artifacts scattered around
The Inca empire stretched more than 3,000 miles along the west coast of South America.