It Takes All Kinds to Make a World
Melanie StiassnyHi, I'm Melanie Stiassny. I study life in the oceans, the largest, most diverse habitat on Earth. Below the ocean waves, there live billions and billions of organisms. There are so many different kinds of organisms in the ocean and so many questions about them that remain unanswered. We know more about the far side of the moon than we do about the oceans.

To introduce you to the biodiversity in the ocean and to get you started on your investigations, I've picked just a few examples of marine life to show you at least one from each of the major groups that scientists use to classify life on Earth: true bacteria, archaea, protists, animals, plants and fungi.

Want to learn more about this amazing watery world? Dive in and start exploring!

Diversity of Life on Earth
It All Began in the Oceans
A Whale of a Tale