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Alexis : ArchaeologistAlexis : Archaeology : Georgia, Age 9
At school, sometimes I get to go on real archaeological digs. We go to a place called Fort Frederica. It's an early American settlement where the first settlers from Georgia lived from about 1736 to 1750.
My class takes trips to the site to help excavate and look for artifacts. One of my favorite jobs to do when I go there is to map where the artifacts are found. I like to set up the grid that keeps track of where we find the artifacts.
Alexis uses a toothbrush to clean artifacts.
Some of the artifacts I have found myself on digs are green pieces of glass bottles, bones from pigs, and tiny pieces of ceramics. We use trowels, brushes, and dustpans when we dig. The trowels are used to dig for artifacts, and the brushes brush away the dust. When we dig, we also sort through tiny pieces of dirt by using a screen to find tiny pieces of pottery and other things that are small and hard to see. After that, we take the artifacts and look at them in a lab.

Left: Alexis measures a ceramic artifact using an instrument called a 
	digital caliper. Right: Alexis sorts through pieces of ceramics on a screen.

I like to imagine what the things that I find looked like when they were used a long time ago. I think that more kids should be interested in archaeology because there's a lot that kids can learn about artifacts and people. I would like to be an archaeologist when I grow up.
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