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Diana: EarthDiana : New Hampshire : Arizona, Age 7
I think rocks are really cool. I have hundreds of rocks in my rock collection. My favorite one is the quartz rock. It's pure white and really big, bigger than my head. We found it in the woods. The quartz rock is in the stone wall in front of our house. I helped my daddy build it. The wall has lots of rocks that we found in the yard and at the beach. We also got some from hikes around New Hampshire and from friends who live in other states. We add rocks to it all the time.
Heart-shaped rock
I like to look for rocks that have different colors in them, and ones with spots and stripes. I like blue, green, red, and silver rocks. One time at the beach I found a heart-shaped rock that's black. We think it may be made of granite. It was hot from the Sun and I played hot potato with it. I keep it in my garden.
I usually collect lots of rocks and put them in bags, and sometimes even in my mommy and daddy's pockets. When I get home, I count them to see how many I have. I put them in my rock collection. They're in boxes and in empty peanut butter jars. Also they're in the stone wall, the garden, the house, and the cars. I like to keep some with me wherever I go.
I like to play with them, too. Sometimes I use them to play checkers, and then I'll put them back. I also bring rocks to school for show-and-tell. In the future I want to have a bigger rock collection.
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