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Emily: Geneticist

DNA - the double helix, drawn by Emily

Emily: Geneticist: New York, Age 12
I learned about genetics in science class, and it was cool finding out more about it. We talked about chromosome; DNA, which stands for deoxyribonucleic acid (de-oxy-ri-bo-nu-cle-ic acid); and the double helix. We learned that all living things are made up of tiny, little cells in their bodies. That includes daffodils and butterflies! Inside these cells are chromosomes that are made up of DNA. Every kind of living thing has a different number of chromosomes. Humans have 46 in total, 23 from each parent.
Emily's cat, Diamond
Our DNA can tell us what our hair color is, what our eye color is, and if we can curl our tongues.
I can't wiggle my ears...
So genetics is about how we inherit traits from our parents. Of course, our DNA will not always make us look a certain way. Parents could always dye their hair a different color, so their kids might look very different. DNA can also tell us how dogs and cats get their traits, like my cat, Diamond, who was born with his white and hazel striped fur.
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