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IsmaelIsmael: Biodiversity: New York, Age 10
giant waterbug drawn by IsmaelStudying plants and animals is exciting work. I go to the library and look through books to learn more about animals. It's even more exciting for me when I can see animals in their natural surroundings. I think it's important for people to think about how different organisms need each other in order to survive. Some people think insects are gross and kill them, but they don't realize that if we wipe out all the insects, then flowers may start dying. I'm thinking of becoming an entomologist—a scientist who studies bugs.
I also feel that we should try to protect plants and trees. I've heard some people say they don't want to use so much paper, because paper comes from trees that have been chopped down. My favorite plants are cacti. I'm hoping that one day I can go to the desert to open a cactus and see what it really looks like from the inside.
groups of chicks
It makes me feel good to rescue animals whenever I can.
I've seen fish get caught in the plastic rings that hold together a bunch of soda cans. So when I find plastic soda can rings, I cut them up so that fish won't get stuck in them. When I go to Puerto Rico during the summer, I see people selling baby chickens in cages. I buy them to get them out of the cages.
If I could save any animal from extinction, I think I would try to save the bald uakari, an endangered animal that looks like a monkey with a very red face. It's so different—looking that it seems like it's needed in this world. I would want to save fish that are trapped, too.
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