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Jena : ArchaeologistJean : Archaeology : Texas, Age 11
I've been working on archaeological sites with my father since I was five. My dad's an archaeologist. He volunteers with the Texas Archaeological Survey. I like to go with him on digs to help. I get to learn how to do some of the same things that real archaeologists do.
I got to go to a Spanish presidio with my Dad. A presidio is a Spanish fort or military base. People lived there almost 250 years ago. I helped the archaeologists survey and excavate. While I was there I found deer bones and charcoal.
Ancient cultures used to cook their food in holes deep in the ground called Earth ovens. Once, my Dad and I made an Earth oven, and we used it to cook yucca, potatoes and onions. I didn't like the yucca.

Left: Jena proudly sits next to the earth oven that she helped create. Right: Jena in front off her earth oven exhibit project.

I would also love to study archaeology on Revolutionary War battlefields. I'm studying the Revolutionary War in school right now, and I find it to be fascinating! I would like to take a trip to Yorktown or anywhere else where battles took place. I love history. It's one of my favorite subjects in school. abcd
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