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Kellner: ArchaeologistKristina : Archaeology : Arizona, Age 11
I first became interested in archaeology when I picked up a book about ancient Mayan culture. I have been learning about it ever since.
El Castillo, a building at the Mayan site of Chichen Itza
I am especially interested in the archaeology of North and South America. I want to know more about cliff dwellings. It's important to make sure that sites stay undisturbed because when looters come in, they take things that could tell archaeologists a lot about the culture.
One of my friends, Dr. John Welch, an archaeologist, took me on a rafting trip. We went through a National Park wilderness area where we were able to visit unexcavated sites. He showed me pottery pieces. And, he took me to a place high up on a cliff where the Native Americans would go to escape when their village was under attack by other tribes.

Kellner poses with his family and archaeologist Dr. John Welch, at a National Park Service wilderness area.

When I grow up I think that I may want to become an archaeologist because I love the mystery behind archaeology. Artifacts may change theories that have been written, or may completely change the way we view the past. Left: Kellner climbs up a steep cliff to view unexcavated sites. Right: Kellner takes a moment to relax after a long day in the sun.
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