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MarcoMarco: Biodiversity: Cailfornia, Age 8
I like to look at biodiversity by observing the animals that live in my own backyard.
I live near a creek. It runs down to the ocean. I go there to collect animals. My favorite animals to collect are frogs, because they are slimy. I also like to collect crawdads (also know as crayfish), because you can eat them, and salamanders, which look like snakes with legs! Hermit crabs are also really cool to find. I find them in places called tidepools.
Marco holding a crayfish and Marco on a nature hunt
After I catch them, I take them home and put them in an aquarium that I keep outside. I make habitats for the animals that I collect with rocks, pebbles, leaves, bottles, and creek water in the aquarium for the animals that I collect. They are usually okay for a few days, but then I put them back.
sea lion
I also like to observe animals when I go kayaking with my mom in the bay. I like watching sea otters that swim around in giant kelp. It's fun to watch them just floating around and playing. One time we kayaked really close to a sea lion rock near the lighthouse and the sea lions barked and jumped off and swam around in the water near the rock. My mom was kind of scared, but I thought it was fun.
Someday I would like to study animals. I think I would like to study dolphins because they're playful and harmless. Sometimes I dream I'm swimming and jumping alongside them in the ocean.
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biodiversity sealion