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Why did you become a geologist?
question markWhat's so cool about rocks?
What do you want every kid to know about the Earth?
question markWhat are you researching now?
What do you find out?
question markWhy do you collect rocks?
What was your most difficult expedition?
question markHave you ever seen a volcano erupt?
What do you think the Earth would look like in 4 million years? In 4 billion years?
question markIs the Earth always changing?
Do you think that there's another planet just like ours?
question markDo you think one day we will travel to the center of the Earth?
Can I make a rock?
question markDo all rocks come from volcanoes?
What are some of the best places in the world to study rocks?
question markHow do you identify the rocks that you find?
How do kids start a rock collection?