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Where are some of the best places in the world to collect dinosaur fossils?
What kinds of questions annoy paleontologists?
Were you interested in dinosaurs as a kid?
Are most of the fossils you've found on display at the Museum?
Where would you like to go on an expedition that you've never been to?
How do you identify dinosaurs that you find?
Who goes on expeditions to the Gobi desert with you?
Is it possible to clone an extinct dinosaur?
Why do you think that all birds came from a common ancestor?
When you're on an expedition in the desert, do you sleep in a tent?
What's the most interesting dinosaur fossil you've ever found?
What do paleontologists do?
Do you bring back all the fossils that you find?
Why do you go on expeditions to Mongolia every summer?
Are you the first paleontologists to go to Mongolia?
What do the great dinosaur fossil locations in the world have in common?
What about your job is most enjoyable?
Is extinction really forever?
Why did dinosaurs become extinct?
How long does it take for bones to become fossilized?
How did paleontologists discover that modern birds are actually dinosaurs?
On an expedition, how do you know where to dig for fossils?
What's the biggest dinosaur you've ever found?
What's the weirdest dinosaur you've ever found?
Do you think there are more kinds of extinct dinosaurs that have never been found?