Meet the OLogist
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What is a zooarchaeologist?
What do you study?
Why was the domestication of horses so important?
How have horses changed human history?
Where and when were horses first domesticated?
Why are scientists investigating the site at Krasnyi Yar? What questions do you hope to answer?
What can you learn from horse bones you find?
What can't you learn from horse bones?
What other kinds of scientists do you work with?
What are some of the main pieces of evidence that the Botai domesticated their horses?
What do you learn about horses by studying the buildings and other human artifacts?
What role did horses play in the religion of the Botai?
How do you figure out what a Botai village might have looked like?
Can modern cultures in Kazakhstan help you understand the ancient Botai?
What do you enjoy most about your research?
What is The Horse exhibition about?