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Why was the domestication of horses so important?
horse pulling street car

Before cities had subways, people rode in horse-drawn streetcars.
Sandra Said
Domestication means the taming and breeding of animals. And I think that the horse is probably the most important animal that was ever domesticated by humans!

At first, people depended on horses for food. Horsemeat was an important part of the diet on the Eurasian Steppes. The Steppes are a broad, flat plain that stretches from Hungary to Mongolia.

Within a short time people began to milk the mares, or female horses, for their nutritious milk, called koumiss.

Before long, people began to ride horses. From there, people started using horses to pull wagons and chariots. And eventually horses were used in warfare. Cavalries, or groups with soldiers riding on horseback, proved much more powerful than armies on foot. And that led to enormous empire building.