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Why are scientists investigating the site at Krasnyi Yar? What questions do you hope to answer?
Excavation site

Scientists dig for evidence. They want to know how the early Botai people tamed and bred horses.
Sandra Said
Krasnyi Yar was a site of the Botai culture. The Botai people lived between 3700-3100 BC. The ancestors of the Botai people were once nomadic horse hunters. They didn't have a permanent home and traveled from place to place. Eventually, they began living in permanent settlements.

Krasnyi Yar is one of four Botai culture sites we've identified. It was a smaller village of the Botai, with about 54 houses. It holds important clues about early horse herding.

Scientists like myself are looking for evidence that will teach us about the domestication of horses—not just if or when it happened, but how it happened. We ask questions like: How did they tame these wild animals? How did they care for and breed the horses?