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What other kinds of scientists do you work with?
Krasnyi yar field crew

Sandra works with many people to excavate the dig site and analyze the evidence. It takes a team of scientists to make this happen!
Sandra Said
I work with scientists from a wide range of fields. Our team is very diverse, and each scientist is an expert at what he or she does.

For example, physicists do remote sensing. Using special equipment, they are able to look beneath the ground surface. They can see where the house foundations are and how they're laid out.

Biochemists look at residues in our pottery to identify traces of horsemeat. They may even find traces of mare's milk.

Geochemists use chemical analysis to help us identify where horse corrals were within those settlements. Corrals are fenced areas where people keep livestock like horses.

We even have experts on stone tools, on pollen, and on plant remains. And I'm doing analysis on animal bones. With this approach, we work together like a forensics team. We look at all the evidence, not just the horse bones.