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Can modern cultures in Kazakhstan help you understand the ancient Botai?
Mare milking

The Kazakhs use mare's milk to make a fermented milk beverage known as koumiss.
Sandra Said
Absolutely. Although the modern Kazakhs are not descendants of the Botai people, their lifestyles are very similar. They live in small villages with herds of horses. The Kazakhs also raise cattle and sheep. The environment is also the same.

By studying the modern-day Kazakhs, we can better understand how they care and feed the animals, grazing them through the night, how they seasonally butcher the horses in December, how they milk the mares during the warmer months, and their general relationship to the horses.

Modern-day Kazakhs have also shown us how useful horse byproducts are, such as their milk and manure. They still use manure for fuel to heat the houses. It is also used as building material, particularly to insulate the roofs.