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Ruthmabel : EarthRuthmabel : Earth : Washington, Age 7
I've always liked science, space, and rocks. This summer I went to two science camps at the Pacific Science Center.
My favorite part at Geology Camp was building a town and volcano out of clay, dirt, rocks, and sand. We wanted to find out what would happen to the town during earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. First, to pretend it's an earthquake, we shook the model three times to see if anything moved. Next we used vinegar, baking soda, and water to make the volcano explode! Then we pour water on it to make-believe it was a landslide. I think the earthquake and the water caused the most damage.
At Rocket Camp I learned about stars, gases, and what it's like on other planets. We compared the temperatures and surfaces of other planets to the Earth. I like Pluto's surface the best because it's made up of ice, rocks, dust, and dirt. If I could travel in space, I would want to go to Saturn. I want to explore the rings and bring back some of the dust and ice.
Model of Mars rover; Ruthmable shows how the Mars rover works

I loved making models of rockets and rovers. My favorite model was the Mars rover. I made it out of a balloon, a straw, candles, and some styrofoam. To get it to work, you blow up the balloon through the straw and it moves!

I think both space and geology are important, because when the rover goes to other planets, it will collect rocks. And we need geology to help us figure out what kinds of rocks they are and what the planets are made of.
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