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Seth: GeneticistSeth: Geneticist: Kansas, Age 12
Genetics didn't excite me that much until I went on two class trips, one to an agronomy farm.
A farm in the Midwest.
The people at the agronomy farm look at soil and plants to find out better ways of growing crops. I learned how scientists can take genes and put them into a plant that has insects attacking it. When the plant grows, those geneshelp that plant because bugs won't like it anymore. If I could, I would make the perfect type of wheat, immune to almost anything—but nontoxic.
Genetics equipment in the lab, drawn by Seth
Everything about genetics seems pretty cool to me, but the coolest part about it is making something that actually works. Then all the hard work is put to good use. That would be satisfying. I think using genetic engineering to help farmers is a good thing. It's also interesting that scientists can put a jellyfish or firefly gene into something else to make it glow. I saw pictures of that at the farm. It was really neat!
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