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Why does the Museum keep a collection of thousands of artifacts collected by archaeologists so many years ago? The museum has thousands of artifacts in its collection.
The museum has thousands of artifacts in its collection.
Chuck Said
We have many large and important collections of artifacts from Latin America. They were brought here by archaeologists who conducted research many years ago and helped establish a basic understanding of ancient cultures like the Aztec, the Zapotec, and the Inca.

People come here from all over the world to study our collection. We also use the artifacts to train students in some of the basic techniques of archaeology before they do fieldwork. We have high school and college students, graduate students, and visiting scholars who have worked on the collection. I supervise all the work that gets done on the collection. It's exciting to have so many people interested in what we have here.

The collection provides an important window into the past, but we no longer collect archaeological artifacts. Instead, we contribute to the preservation of the artifacts in the countries where they are found.