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What do you do?
How did you become interested in studying languages?
So what is biodiversity, anyway?
Everything in the environment is interconnected. What does this really mean?
Did you like science in school?
Do you think girls who are interested in science have a harder time than boys?
When people first meet you, are they surprised that you're a woman?
When did you first become interested in the environment?
When you got older, did anyone inspire you?
You also teach. Is this something you always wanted to do?
How did you decide what to study?
What's so exciting about fieldwork?
Do you have any advice for kids interested in doing fieldwork?
What have you discovered about aye-ayes?
How have your discoveries helped aye-ayes?
You've spent hours observing aye-ayes. What kind of cool tricks have you seen?
What kind of equipment do you use in your work?
How have you worked with people in Madagascar?
What can kids do to help biodiversity?
Do you have to be a scientist to work on biodiversity?
How do you feel about the future?