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How did you become interested in studying languages?

Studying different languages has helped Eleanor communicate and reach out to people.

When I was little, my dad and I went to a concert where people sang songs in different European languages. I was so impressed when he could translate all the songs for me.

It made me determined to understand other languages, and it inspired me to study French, German, and Spanish in high school. I also studied Latin, which not only helps you understand English better but is also the language of science-all scientific names of animals and plants are in Latin. In college I learned Russian and since then I've taught myself Swahili and Malagasy and I'm working with a tutor to learn Vietnamese.

Languages help you better understand how other people think and to reach out to people from other cultures. Knowing all these languages opens doors for me; people appreciate that I try to learn their language instead of expecting them to know mine.