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Do you think girls who are interested in science have a harder time than boys?

Eleanor is athletic. It comes in handy when she's working in remote places.

Even today, girls face challenges. When most people think of scientists, they think of men. Women scientists in the United States are still a minority. I was very lucky when I was young. My parents, teachers, and counselors were always careful to encourage me to pursue any career that I wanted: scientist, doctor, or lawyer.

But there was one thing that was an obstacle: participating in sports. When I was a girl, the most extreme sport for girls was basketball. I wanted to run. To do this I had to join the boys' running team, but that didn't stop me. I was the only girl on the team, and boys would huff and puff trying to beat me in races. When I won, many of the boys felt badly because a girl had beaten them.