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You've spent hours observing aye-ayes. What kind of cool tricks have you seen?

The aye-aye's long fingers and powerful teeth help it enjoy a delicious meal.

Once, from way up close, I watched an aye-aye tap along a log, listening carefully for echoes. When he heard an echo, he would follow the hollow section until there was no more echo.

Then he would rip that part of the log open with his teeth and scoop out an immense beetle larva. Holding it in his hand as if it were an ice cream cone, he would eat it up, licking around the outside of his hand without wasting a single drop. I never saw him eat adult beetles, only the larvae.

Another time I saw an aye-aye throwing something in the air and then tipping his head back to catch it in his mouth. The aye-aye had found a trail of ants and was flipping them into his mouth, one at a time, as if they were pieces of popcorn.