Perfect Tomato
You can make bigger and better tomatoes, but no tomato can withstand chilly weather. What can? Fish in the Arctic! Guess What? Scientists have figured out a way to take genes from one species and put them into another. This is called GENETIC MODIFICATION OLogy card Scientist speaking: Too bad this tomato can't survive the cold. If only this tomato were an Arctic flounder! Those fish love icy water. Scientist speaking: Hey! I could put the flounder's anti-freeze gene inside the DNA of the tomato.
What would the new tomato-fish plant look like? Neither.  It would look like this! Looks aren't everything! If we could genetically modify a tomato using the fish anti-freeze gene, it would look like a normal one. But it would surely act differently. It would be able to grow in the cold.
a tomato with scales?
A plump red fish with green leafy fins?