Saving Species
Creatures of the Reefs
Paula Mikkelsen Hi, I'm Paula Mikkelsen
I'm careful to collect only what will help scientists. I traveled to Andros Island in the Bahamas... (The Bahamas) with other scientists to study life among the coral reefs. These reefs are in great danger, and the first step in saving them is understanding the extraordinary variety of species that live there.
Our first goal is to count and identify all the animals on the reef. is to count and identify all the animals on the reef. Mollusks are abundant in the ecosystem, especially in the rubble and seagrass that surround the living reef. For other organisms, however, we're not finding healthy numbers at all. Why? Human activity, such as pollution and overfishing, has disrupted the reef’s ecosystem. Sediment collected during a scuba dive...
Dan Brumbaugh

The reefs are important... not only to the species that live there, but to the economy of the Bahamas. We're hoping our research will help conservation efforts and enable us to work with local populations to protect this fragile ecosystem.