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Magnificent Madagascar Magnificent Madagascar
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Africa, Madagascar
Madagascar has unique plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth, and new species are discovered all the time. By studying and collecting the island’s species, we hope to learn more about the evolution of life. But our first goal is to find and save these species before they’re lost forever.


Madagascar is a fantastic place for discovery!

Forests are disappearing.
Many of them have been destroyed for farmland and fuelwood. As they disappear, so do many of their species, like the giant (10-foot!) elephant bird, which is now extinct. Collecting information on Madagascar’s species helps us make a case for conservation, decide on which forests to focus our efforts, and compare “healthy” populations to those in danger.

  The aye-aye makes its home in the tropical forests.

Our biggest challenge is to balance the importance of biodiversity with the needs of Madagascar’s people, many of whom use the forests' resources to make a living. The rosy periwinkle. But I know that saving these species can save lives beyond Madagascar. A plant first found on Madagascar, called the rosy periwinkle, helps people who are seriously ill.