Map Your World
What To Do

Choose a room for your plan.

Floor plan flyover

Try to imagine what your room would look like if you were looking down on it from above. Then draw your room from this point of view.


Use your ruler to draw the walls of your room.


Look around and notice all the places where the walls stop, like the windows, doors, and closets. Draw and label these features on your floor plan.


Now look at the large pieces of furniture, like your bed, dresser, and desk. As you draw them on your plan, try to estimate their sizes and shapes.


Add some of the smaller features in your room, like a chair or laundry basket.


Label everything on your floor plan. If something appears more than once or it’s too small to label, create a key. For example, use blue to identify all of the chairs in your room, and yell


Show your map to a friend or family member to see if he or she can use it.

Map A Bigger World

  • Make a map of a place that’s bigger than your room, like your entire house, the block you live on, or your school.
  • Label all the important places, such as rooms, streets, or parks.
  • Add a compass rose. A compass rose is the symbol that shows the directions north, south, east, west. If you're not sure which way is north, ask a parent. That's all you need to figure out your compass rose! Try using a real compass.
  • Give your map to a friend to see if they can understand and use your map.

Map Your Room To Scale
  • Map your room to scale so everything is drawn in the right proportion. (In other words, if your bed takes up half the wall, it’s drawn this way on your plan.)
  • Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your room in feet and inches.
  • Draw the walls on graph paper, using the scale 2 squares = 1 foot. (A 10-foot wall would be 20 squares long.)
  • Write the scale under your floor plan.
  • Measure things in your room, like the doors, your bed, and the dresser.
  • Use the same scale as above to draw things in the right size and place.
  • Label everything on your plan.