Time Capsule
What To Do

Check out what these kids collected for their time capsules.

Kid's time capsule contents

1 Think about what messages you want your time capsule to send. You could focus on a special time in your life, like summer camp or fourth grade. Or you might highlight a part of your life, like learning ballet or playing on a baseball team
2 Make a list of items that will get your message across. What objects would tell about your summer at camp, or what it's like to be part of a team? (If you use things that are important to you, make sure you're willing to part with them.)
3 Collect the items. If you can't find an item or decide it's too valuable, you could draw a picture, cut one out of a magazine, or print one from a Web site. Or think about another object that might send the same message. When you're done, ask yourself if the items you've picked match the message you want to send.
4 Decorate your box. Think about what message or images should go on the outside. You could cover your box with your own drawings, a poem, wrapping paper, a wish for the future, today's newspaper, or a collage of images from magazines. Decide when your time capsule should be opened and write the date on the lid.
5 Put your items in the box and tape the lid.
6 Now it's time to put away your time capsule. You can hide it or give it to a parent to put away in a safe place. Make a note of where you hid it!