Build the Big Dipper


Starry Sky
  When you look up into the night sky, the stars look like tiny points of light. But stars are not tiny - they're huge, burning balls of gas, like our Sun. They just look small because they are so far away.

The stars may all look the same distance away, as if they were pasted on the wall of a giant dome. But, that's an illusion too. Some stars are billions of miles farther away than others.

  Take a Look...
From Earth, it looks like a connect-the-dots picture on a piece of paper. But if you saw the Big Dipper from a different angle, it would not look flat at all. The stars in the Big Dipper are actually nowhere near each other. Some are seven times farther away than others! If you flew out in a spaceship and looked at the Big Dipper from the side, it wouldn't look like a dipper anymore. To find out what you'd see . . .
Now Build the Big Dipper

  Big Dipper