Moon FlipBook
Moon Flip Book
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See the Moon in Action
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How to Do It

Print out a copy of the Moon Watch Log (PDF).


Over the next month, draw your observations of the Moon each night, using the circle as a guide.


The Moon does not rise at the same time each night, so check the illustration of the Moon's phases to find the best time to look for the Moon.

Making Observations

Note the date, time, and weather each night when you make your drawing.

Step 1

You might not be able to see the Moon, or it might be partly hidden by clouds. You can draw the cloud-covered Moon, or look in the newspaper to see what it looks like behind the clouds that night.


If the Moon looks a little red or orange one night, draw this too. You might want to use some colored pencils to make an accurate picture of the Moon.

Putting It Together

Once you've completed 29 days of observations, you are ready to make your Flip Book.


Cut each page of your journal along the dotted lines.

Step 2

Make sure they're in the right date order, with the earliest day on the bottom.

Step 3

Line up each slip of paper so the Moon circle is on the right side, and the date, time, and weather information is on the left. Clip or staple the pages together on the left side.

Step 4

You can now see the Moon pass through all its phases in just a few seconds. Talk about instant replay!

Flip Away!

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Step 4