Keeping a Star Journal
All you need are a notebook, pencil, flashlight, and compass.
Recording Your Observations
Making a drawing of the sky can be tricky at first. Here are some tips:

  1 Use a pencil. This will make it easier to move a star! Journal Page
  2 Draw a circle that's a least 5 inches across in your journal. This will represent the horizon on all sides.
  3 Figure out which way is north using your compass. Mark it on the edge of the circle.
  4 Draw in some landmarks you see at the horizon, such as trees and buildings. This will help you keep track of which way you're looking. It will also help you compare observations from different days.
  5 Look straight up. Record what you see in the middle of the circle. Use little circles or dots to show the stars.
  6 Make a note of the date, time, and who made the observations with you. Later, this information will help you identify what you saw.
  7 Note the weather conditions, the place, and any notes about what the sky looked like.