Biodiversity Books
The Bug Book
By Robin Bernard
This book is filled with fun activities, easy-to-follow steps, and exciting information. Enter the weird and wonderful world of insects and spiders, and have fun with hands—on activities.
Scholastic Books, New York, NY, 1994
The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
By Lynne Cherry
A man chopping down a kapok tree in the Amazon Rain Forest becomes tired and lies down for a nap. As he sleeps, all the animals that live in the tree visit him in a dream, begging him to leave their home alone. Discover the world of the Amazon in this colorfully illustrated book.
Voyager Books Harcourt Inc., NY, 1990
African Wildlife Dioramas to Cut & Assemble: Full-Color Three Dimensional Scenes of Jungle and Plains
By Matthew Kalmenoff
Create your own African dioramas. This book about the largest continent in the world lets you explore the diverse wildlife of Africa and learn about its habitats.
Dover Publishing, NY, 1984
While a Tree Was Growing
By Jane Bosveld
Illustrated by Daniel O'Leary
Follow the development and growth of a giant sequoia in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains in this fascinating and fun book. Read how events in Native American and world history unfold as the tree grows.
Workman Publishing Company, NY, 1998
Readers Digest Pathfinders Birds
This book is packed full of interesting information for bird lovers. You will want to try many of these fun activities for yourself.
Readers Digest Children's Books, NY, 2000
Incredible Plants The Nature Company Discoveries Library
Consulting Editor Dr. Roger Carolin
Why are plants such an important part of the Earth's biodiversity? This informative and beautifully illustrated book answers this question and many others you may have about plants.
Time Life Books, United States, 1999
The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy
By Kathryn Lasky
Photography by Christopher G. Knight
Follow the adventures of scientist Meg Lowman as she climbs hundreds of feet into the canopy of the Blue Creek rain forest in Belize in pursuit of insects, spiders, and plants. Find out how scientists collect specimens and learn about the exotic inhabitants of the rain forest.
Gulliver Green/Harcourt Brace & Co., 1997
Inside the Dzanga-Sangha Rain Forest
Compiled by Francesca Lyman
Join a team of scientists and artists from the American Museum of Natural History as they explore the biodiversity and culture of the Dzanga-Sangha rain forest in Central Africa. This book—full of interesting facts about wildlife—describes how a museum exhibition is put together.
Workman Publishing Company, Inc., NY, 1998
Eyewitness: Ecology
By Steve Pollack
This colorful and informative book introduces you to the complex world of ecology: food webs, habitats, and evolution. Read historical tidbits about scientists as well as facts about the incredible diversity of life in this fascinating book.
Dorling Kindersley Limited, NY, 1993
Ocean Watch: Protecting Our Planet
By Martyn Bramwell
Consultant Dr. Philip Whitfield
The diversity of life in the underwater world of the ocean is the subject of this informative book. Find out about weather patterns, marine and freshwater habitats, and the effects of pollution on ocean life.
Dorling Kindersley Limited, NY, 2001
Track Finder
By Dorcas Miller
Illustrated by Cherie H. Day
Carry this pocket-size book with you on your next hike through the woods. This handy little book, filled with illustrations, will help you identify local animals from the tracks they leave.
Nature Study Guild, 1981
The Handy Bug Answer Book
By Dr. Gilbert Waldbauer
foreword by Dr. May R. Berenbaum
If you are an amateur entomologist who wants to know more about insects, spiders, and the people who study them, then this is the book for you! You will become an expert on the most successful group of animals on Earth and learn lots of fun facts.
Visible Ink, 1998