Grow Rock Candy
Whether it's big or small, rough or smooth, almost every rock is made of minerals. Each mineral has a unique crystal pattern and compostion.

Think about the mineral salt. It is made of cube- shaped crystals. No matter where you find it on your table or at the beach its crystals will be shaped like cubes. Look at the pictures of the crystals that make up diamonds, quartz, muscovite, and topaz. How would you describe their crystal shape?

Diamonds: Cubic Structure. Quartz: Triagonal/Hexagonal Structure. Muscovite: Monoclinic Structure. Topaz: Orthorhombic Structure.

The same mineral can have different colors. This is caused by small amounts of different elements that got into the mineral when it was forming. While the color of a mineral may vary, its crystal shape is always the same.

For example, diamonds can be clear, yellow, pink, and even blue, but its crystals will always have eight faces (sides).

Now it's your turn to grow crystals by making rock candy!

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