Start a Rock Collection

Every rock has a story to tell. Rocks hold evidence that helps us figure out how mountains formed, where glaciers once flowed over the United States, or what kinds of plants and animals lived on the Earth. Rocks show us how the Earth has changed and how it's still changing, even today! They give us important clues about the Earth's history.
example of rock collections

You can begin learning about rocks just by looking at them. If you look closely, you'll notice that rocks from different places have different textures, shapes, and colors. These observations give important clues about what a rock is made of and its history. For example, a rock might become smooth and round after years of grinding against other rocks in a river or rocks near the coast of an ocean. A jagged rock has probably been through less wear and tear from wind, rain, or ice.

You can find rocks almost anywhere. Here's how you can start your own rock collection.

Step 1: Collect Step 2: Observe and Sort Step 3: Display