Ocean Books
Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Blue Ocean With additional writing by Ian Saunders
Illustrated by John S. Dykes

Bill Nye introduces curious readers to exciting facts about topics ranging from ocean currents and estuaries to sea jellies. Experiment with the "Try This" activities included in the book while you read about the mysterious life found within the world's oceans.
Hyperion Books for Children, New York, 1999
What Do Sharks Eat for Dinner? Questions and Answers About Sharks
By Melvin and Gilda Berger
Illustrated by John Rice

Have you ever wondered if sharks can taste? Find out the answer to this question as well as many other myths and realities about these living fossils.
Scholastic Inc., New York, 2000
What Is a Marine Mammal? The Science of Living Things
By Bobbie Kalman & Jacqueline Langille

Manatees, penguins, and whales, oh my! Find out how marine mammals survive in a variety of different ecosystems around the world. Use the vocabulary key in the back of the book to learn important terms that real scientists use in the field.
Crabtree Publishing Company, New York, 2000
Arty Facts: Oceans & Art Activities
By Janet Sacks and Polly Goodman

Would you like to learn how to make your very own Treasure Island map, or create a diving bird mobile? This fun book is packed with ocean-life activities that will keep your mind swimming for hours.
Crabtree Publishing Company, New York, 2002
The Ocean Book; Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas for All Ages
This fun workbook is filled with crossword puzzles, hands-on activities, and experiments using the diverse life in the Earth's oceans. Learn about fish anatomy, food webs, and much more.
The Center for Marine Conservation
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., United States, 1989
Seashells, Crabs, and Sea Stars
By Christine Kump Tibbitts
Illustrations by Linda Garrow

Have you ever wondered where the shells that wash up on the beach come from? You'll be a shell expert after reading this fun activity book. Learn all about snails, oysters, and other interesting mollusks. When you're finished, take notes on what you learned using the scrap pages in the back of the book.
NorthWord Press, United States 1996
Aquatic Habitats: Exploring Desktop Ponds
By Katharine Barrett and Carolyn Willard

(for teachers)
Build a pond right in your classroom! Learn the skills of scientific observation while creating a complete pond ecosystem. This book includes step-by-step directions, lists of materials and resources, and tips for creating a five-session curriculum for grades 2-6.
Lawrence Hall of Science, Great Explorations in Math and Science, Berkeley, CA, 1998
Eyewitness Ocean
By Miranda MacQuitty

(for teachers)
Gaze at amazing photographs as you dive into the ocean. Take a trip through ocean habitats and explore the diversity of marine life. This book also examines the ways we use, explore, and affect the ocean.
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1995
By Edward R. Ricciuti

The ocean looks like an endless sea of blue, but underneath the surface, it's quite different! Discover the vast variety of habitats in the ocean, including coral reefs, kelp forests, and the ocean depths. Check out the fascinating marine life in each ecosystem.
Benchmark Books, Tarrytown, NY, 1996
The Marine Biology Coloring Book
Unearth your hidden artistic talents while exploring the world of marine biology in this illustrated coloring book. Find out everything you've always wanted to know about phytoplankton, coral reefs, fish anatomy, and more.
HarperCollins Publishers, New York, 1982
Eyewitness Fish
Fish come in all shapes and sizes. Take a tour through the body of a fish in this Eyewitness book. Learn why some fish are so colorful and others are not. And explore how fish have changed over millions of years.
Dorling Kindersley, New York, 1990
Life in the Oceans
By Norbert Wu

If you enjoy gazing at beautiful underwater photography, then this is the book for you. Renowned photographer and writer Norbert Wu takes readers on a visual tour of the amazing diversity of life beneath the ocean's surface.
Tern Enterprise, New York, 1991