Finding Fossils
Not Just Any Rock Will Do Do's and Don'ts for Fossil Hunters
Do's and Don'ts for Fossil Hunters
Fossils You May Find
Paleontology Clubs and Web sites
Keeping a Field Journal

  • Make sure that you plan to dig in a place where it is okay to collect fossils. Check with an adult if you're not sure.
  • Take the following supplies on your fossil hunt:

    • toilet paper for wrapping your fossils
    • plastic food bags for protecting your fossils

    • a backpack for storing the fossils you find

    • a field journal for recording your adventures

    • plenty of water

    • (optional) shovels, screens to sort small loose fossils, geology hammer, chisels, safety goggles

  • Be ready to spend a lot of time looking. Fossil hunting can take lots of time and patience, but what you may find is worth the wait!
  • Dont's

  • Never go fossil-hunting alone.
  • Never climb into dangerous areas.
  • Never touch animals that you think could be poisonous.