Make Your Own Creatures of Light

What You'll Need:

  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • color tissue paper (green, blue, yellow)
  • printouts of land creatures (forest, cave)
  • paper clips
  • tape
  • ballpoint pen

What to Do:

1. Use paper clips to clip the printout and the black construction paper together on all four sides.

2. Use a scissor to cut along the lines of the mushrooms and glowworm lures. (You'll be cutting through both the printout and construction paper.)

3. Use a ballpoint pen to poke through the firefly dots.

4. Take off the paper clips. Recycle the printout.

5. Measure and cut enough tissue paper to cover the shapes (use yellow for fireflies, green for mushrooms, blue for glowworm lures).

6. Tape the tissue papers to one side of the black construction paper.

7. Put your bioluminescent land creatures on a window!