The Tree of Life Cladogram

CHARACTERISTICS: animals without a backbone; armor-like covering; a body split into segments with jointed legs or mouthparts
KNOWN SPECIES: approximately 1,000,000
SIZE RANGE: microscopic to 13 feet (about 0.1 millimeter to 4 meters)
WHERE THEY LIVE: land, fresh waters, and oceans

Here are just SOME of the world's arthropods: Mustached mud bee
Photos are not actual size! White-tailed spider Ten-spot skimmer dragonfly
Pseudoscorpion Mexican redknee tarantula
Sally lightfoot crab
Formosan subterranean termite Owl Butterfly
Formosan subterranean termite Owl Butterfly
Yellow fever mosquito Asian multicolored ladybird beetle Varroa mite
Leaf-cutting ant
Leaf-cutting ant
Mediterranean fruit fly Guess What? Leaf-cutting ant
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Asian multicolored ladybird beetle White-tailed Spider Ten-spot skimmer dragonfly Pseudoscorpion Formosan subterranean termite Yellow fever mosquito Varroa mite Leaf cutting ant