What Do You Know?
Archaeology is the study of:
A: Fossils
B: Past cultures
C: Ancient documents
You can do archaeology:
A: Only underwater
B: Only in the ancient Inca city of Huanuco Pampa
C: Anywhere
Why do archaeologists create a map of the site before they dig?
A: To claim possession of the land
B: To find out where they want to dig
C: To locate buried treasure
What is the best strategy for excavating an archaeological site?
 Archaeological site
A: Shut your eyes, throw a coin, and start digging wherever the coin lands
B: Pick an area based on a site map and divide it up into a grid pattern
C: Dig from one end to another until you find something good
Archaeologists look for different soil layers that they identify by color and texture. If the layers haven't been disturbed, what can they tell us?
A: Artifacts found in the same layer are about the same age
B: Artifacts found in a lower layer are younger
C: They tell us where artifacts were made
What kinds of tools do archaeologists use?
A: Ground penetrating radar, aerial photography, and submarines
B: Dental pick, shovel, and tape measure
C: All of the above
What are some of the most common objects found on an archaeological site?
A: Old clothes
B: Broken pieces of pottery
C: Dried food
Imagine you're an archaeologist studying this object. What would you have a hard time figuring out?
 Broken pot
A: How old it is
B: What it was used for
C: Why it broke
What do archaeologists usually do with the objects they find?
A: Sell them over the Internet
B: Bury them again where they were found
C: Study them in a lab in the country where they found them
How do archaeologists spend most of their time?
A: They search for lost treasure
B: They study objects and analyze data in the lab
C: They look for new sites

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