What Do You Know?
Which type of rock forms from melted rock deep within the Earth?
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A: Sedimentary
B: Metamorphic
C: Igneous
Where are most volcanoes in the world located?
A: Australia
B: Underwater
C: Indonesia
The Earth's thin, outer shell is broken up into big pieces called tectonic plates. What happens along plate boundaries?
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A: Hot spots
B: Tornadoes
C: Volcanoes and earthquakes
Rocks have stories to tell. They can tell us:
A: How a mountain was formed
B: What the climate used to be like
C: Both A and B
Almost all rocks are made of:
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A: Glass
B: Minerals
C: Sand
Rocks can by collected:
A: By anyone
B: Only by geologists
C: Only in the United States
Fossils are the remains of ancient plants and animals. Fossils are found in which type of rock?
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A: Igneous
B: Metamorphic
C: Sedimentary
The heat that moves the plates comes from:
A: The mantle and core
B: The crust
C: The Sun
How old is our planet Earth?
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A: 4.5 billion years old
B: 2 million years old
C: 3,000 years old
What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?
A: The longest fire in history
B: A chain of over 500 active volcanoes
C: A circle of volcanoes that erupt at the same time each year
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