What Do You Know?
What does DNA stand for?
A: Different Natures in Animals
B: Different Nerve Action
C: Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Which of the following is true?
A: Only animals have DNA.
B: Only plants have DNA.
C: Every living thing has DNA.
What makes you you? Most scientists think it's:
A: Only nature (what is determined by your genes)
B: Only nurture (what happens to you in your life, from the food you eat to just plain luck)
C: Both nature and nurture
Genes are sections of DNA that determine your traits. Approximately how many genes do humans have?
A: 12
B: 30,000
C: 800,000
Which of these traits is least affected by nurture?
A: Height
B: Artistic ability
C: Eye color
Why did scientists clone Dolly the sheep?
A: They really liked Dolly and wanted as many Dollys as possible.
B: Scientists wanted to see if they could make a clone from a cell of an adult mammal.
C: Dolly was endangered.
How much of human DNA is similar to chimpanzee DNA?
A: 10%
B: 70%
C: 98%
How much of human DNA is similar to fruit fly DNA?
  Fruit Fly
A: 9%
B: 35%
C: 52%
What is junk DNA?
A: DNA samples that had to be thrown away
B: DNA that molecular biologists used to think didn't do anything
C: DNA in genes with mistakes in the code
What is one thing that makes one identical twin different from his or her other twin?
A: The type of hair he or she naturally has (curly, straight, etc.)
B: His or her DNA
C: His or her fingerprint
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