What Do You Know?
1. What is a male horse called?
A: stallion
B: filly
C: mare
Which animal is most closely related to the horse?
A: cow
B: rhinoceros
C: antelope
The smallest members of the horse family known to exist were the size of a:
A: small dog
B: goat
C: Shetland pony
What do scientists think is the first way that ancient humans and horses interacted?
A: Humans rode horses.
B: Humans plowed fields with horses.
C: Humans ate horses.
How did Native Americans first come into contact with horses?
A: They captured wild horses and tamed them.
B: Spanish invaders brought horses to the continent in the 1500s.
C: They won them in battles with native Russians.
One of the oldest kinds of horseshoes, which were strapped to the hoof instead of nailed to it, are called:
A: hoofboots
B: hipposandals
C: clip-cloppers
Why is it so easy for humans to control horses?
A: Humans are stronger than horses.
B: Horses can understand human languages.
C: Horses will naturally follow a group leader.
Which group of horses is truly wild (never been tamed)?
A: The mustangs of the American West
B: The ponies of Assateague Island off the U.S. East Coast
C: The Przewalski horses of Mongolia
What invention put an end to the Pony Express mail delivery service in 1861?
A: telephone
B: telegraph
C: television
Today, there are more than 200:
A: breeds of horses
B: species of horses
C: colors of horses

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