What Do You Know?
Why do most scientists believe that life started in the oceans?
A: more animals live in water than on land.
B: the oldest fossils ever found prove this.
C: scientists like to scuba dive.
How are ocean tides created?
A: by the pull of gravity from the sun.
B: by the pull of gravity from the moon.
C: both of the above.
What's an ecosystem?
A: a system that scientists use to organize their field notes.
B: a system that animals use to look after their young.
C: a community of organisms that depend on each other and their surroundings.
Where can you find the greatest diversity of life on Earth?
A: on land.
B: in the oceans.
C: in your bathroom.
What is plankton?
A: microscopic animals and algae that live in the ocean.
B: pieces of dead wood that float down rivers to the ocean.
C: ocean plants that sink in heavy storms.
What is the biggest animal that ever lived?
A: king kong.
B: tyrannosaurus rex.
C: the blue whale.
What is bioluminescence?
A: the sunlight that penetrates through the trees in a rain forest.
B: glowing lights on animals' bodies.
C: the secret ingredient in chocolate chip cookies.
Where can you find 80 percent of all ocean life?
A: in the deep sea.
B: in florida.
C: on the continental shelves.
Below 2,000 feet, the ocean is
A: completely frozen over.
B: completely dark.
C: full of seaweeds.
The biggest threat to the oceans is
A: human beings.
B: killer whales.
C: killer bees.
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