What Do You Know?
 01When did the oldest known dinosaur live?
A: About 228 thousand years ago
B: About 228 million years ago
C: About 228 billion years ago
 02What is this fossil?
A: A petrified sponge from the ocean floor
B: Lava that erupted from an ancient volcano
C: Prehistoric poop left by a dinosaur
 03When did the last dinosaur become extinct?
A: 25 million years ago
B: 65 million years ago
C: They haven't all become extinct. Some dinosaurs are alive today.
 04What can you tell by looking at dinosaur tracks like these?
A: The speed of the animal
B: If it's a boy or girl
C: How tall it was
 05Which of these animals did NOT live on Earth during the Age of Dinosaurs?
A: Sharks
B: Cockroaches
C: Humans
 What did Earth look like when the first dinosaurs were alive?
 A  B  C
 07Where would be a good place for a paleontologist to search for dinosaur fossils?
A: In sedimentary rock - rock made of layers of tiny pieces of rock
B: In metamorphic rock - rock that has been heated and compressed, changing its composition
C: In igneous rock - rock formed from cooling molten rock
 08What percentage of the American Museum of Natural History's dinosaur collection is on display to the public?
A: Less than 5%
B: About 50%
C: More than 75%
 09How long do scientists think it took for the non-bird dinosaurs to become extinct?
A: About 10 years
B: About 1,000 years
C: Nobody knows
 10By studying fossils, what we can know for sure about some extinct dinosaurs?
A: They had striped, green skin
B: They made loud noises when they fought each other
C: They laid eggs