What Do You Know?

Test your knowledge about virtual water, the water you didn't know you were using.

Everyone knows we use water for drinking and washing. But did you know that all the food we eat and products we buy take water to grow and manufacture? The water it takes to grow an apple or make a t-shirt is called virtual water. While you can't avoid using it, this quiz shows you where there is virtual water.

Which beverage takes the most water to produce, including water used to grow and process the plants?
A: A cup of coffee
B: A cup of tea
C: A glass of orange juice
Which of these three grains takes the most water to grow?
A: Wheat
B: Corn
C: Rice
Which snack takes the most water to grow and produce?
A: Potato chips
B: Two oranges
C: Two apples
How much water does it take to produce a fast food meal including a one-third pound hamburger, French fries, and orange juice?
A: 290 liters (77 gallons)
B: 2,900 liters (766 gallons)
C: 29,000 liters (7,660 gallons)
Which kind of meat contains the least virtual water?
A: Pork
B: Chicken
C: Beef
Which of these products takes the most water, including water used in producing the raw materials and in manufacturing?
A: A microchip for a computer
B: A cotton t-shirt
C: 100 sheets of paper
Which source of lighting uses the most water? (For this question, only consider the water used to generate the energy for the light.)
A: An incandescent light bulb
B: A compact fluorescent light bulb of equal brightness
C: Sunlight

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