NCEP Training

Achieving a sustainably managed earth will require skilled professionals and academics prepared to address complex and sometimes competing demands on ecosystems. However, there remains a persistent disconnect between current academic preparation and the knowledge and skills actually needed in the professional world. NCEP targets this gap by engaging in research to advance the field of conservation education and through training opportunities.

Our training events around the world convene educators and practitioners together for a variety of purposes, including to develop modules to further develop knowledge and skills in conservation, and to learn how to use the principles of active teaching to improve conservation teaching and training.

By connecting advances in the field of education with state-of-the-art teaching materials and training events, we aim to ultimately strengthen the environmental literacy and problem-solving skills of the next generation of researchers, managers, and citizens, who are the decision-makers and environmental stewards of the future.

NCEP Conservation Teaching and Learning Studios convene teams of faculty and advanced students to exchange teaching strategies, discuss exciting new developments in conservation science, and generate new, cutting-edge materials for the NCEP collection. During a Studio's multi-day collaboration, participants practice evidence-based pedagogical approaches such as active and scientific teaching. Work on module content is punctuated by training in pedagogical approaches for conservation educators and mentorship opportunities for junior collaborators.

Individuals or teams of 2-4 researchers plus junior collaborators (such as advanced graduate students or postdocs) are invited to apply through a competitive application process, and each studio focuses on a theme that corresponds to Studio themes relate to conservation science and practice and some focus on specific geographic contexts.

If you are interested in learning more about NCEP Conservation Teaching and Learning Studios, or working with NCEP to develop a training event that fits your needs, please contact us at

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